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  How to prevent poisoning during the cleaning of sewage pools? There are many toxic and harmful gases in sewage pools, such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, etc. If the operation of the sewage tank is not properly protected, it is easy to cause operator poisoning. When cleaning the sewage tank, safety measures must be taken to ensure the personal safety of operators.
  The protective equipment used to clean the sewage pool mainly includes personal protective equipment, protective equipment and emergency equipment.
  1. 个人防护设备
  1. Personal protective equipment
  Daily and emergency personal protective equipment to prevent toxic gas poisoning, such as ordinary respirator (poor effect); filter gas mask (general effect, can not prevent anoxia, the effect mainly depends on the gas canister); isolation gas mask (the best effect, and can prevent anoxia, but expensive, inconvenient operation, and need to cooperate with professional. Learn how to use protective clothing.
  Personal protective equipment and high concentrations of toxic and harmful gases and chemicals: such as fully enclosed chemical protective clothing, chemical protective gloves and other personal protective equipment must be used in daily understanding of its purpose, wearing methods, such as gas mask tightness test, chemical protective clothing and gloves, in order to prevent water leakage, and so on.
  2. 保护装置
  2. Protective devices
  Fixed and mobile ventilation equipment: such as high-power blower, air compressor, air duct, etc.
  Cleaning equipment: protective ladder, fire hose, special lifebelt, lifeline, etc.
  3. Emergency Rescue Equipment
  For example, intercom communication equipment, first aid kit, personal cleaning equipment (shovel, etc.)
  The protection measures of purified sewage pool mainly include formulating perfect operation protection scheme and emergency measures.
  1. 操作保护计划
  1. Operational protection plan
  Establish day-to-day management organizations and emergency response organizations, establish full-time and part-time management personnel, formulate daily management rules and regulations and operating procedures, especially the formulation of emergency management plans for accidents.
  Training related personnel and staff operation and protection knowledge, and conduct emergency drills.
  Equipped with appropriate protective facilities and personal safety protective equipment; it is forbidden to place personal items such as water cups and rice bowls in toxic substances workplace or place.
  2. 清理污水池的具体应急措施
  2. Specific Emergency Measures for Cleaning Sewage Tanks
  a .清洗时必须首先实现人工,机械自动去除大部分的污染物后,剩下的部分,全部爆炸,吹走大多数有毒气体,继续确保足够的通风和个人保护措施,如个别员工的前提下实现清洁,同时,必须确保在备用池外的紧急救援人员和设备。
  A. When cleaning, we must first achieve manual, mechanical automatic removal of most pollutants, the remaining parts will explode, blow away most toxic gases, and continue to ensure adequate ventilation and personal protection measures, such as cleaning on the premise of individual employees. At the same time, emergency rescue personnel and equipment outside the reserve pool must be ensured.
  B. When emergency rescue occurs, emergency rescue and preparedness must be initiated, and rescue must be conducted under the command of field professionals. At the same time, the emergency standby status of other rescue personnel and equipment must be ensured.
  Check whether the sewage tank contains toxic and harmful gases. It is absolutely impossible to test with open fire.
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