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  What if the kitchen and toilet are blocked? Jinan Pipeline dredging tips in our life, we may encounter kitchen drainage pipe blockage. So what should we do? Don't worry, I'll explain it to you slowly.
  1. Causes of clogging of kitchen drains
  1. Small tubes and elbows;
  2. Hard objects such as chopsticks fall into the pipeline.
  3. Cement or building slag drops when decorating houses;4、管道使用时间长,管道内边缘较多的油会经常堵塞。
  4. The pipeline will be used for a long time, and the oil in the inner edge of the pipeline will be blocked frequently.
  2. Cleaning tips for kitchen drains
  The plugging mixing method is the most direct solution, because the pipeline is blocked, the blockage is opened, if it is an object (such as chopsticks, spoons), also check it.
  II. The pressure method can reduce the serious congestion and the gas pressure is available.
  Tool: High Pressure Air Gun
  Method of operation:
  An oxygen cylinder (but much smaller) has a 40 cm metal nozzle. Firstly, the blocked pipe is filled with water from the pipe mouth to about 10 cm, the metal nozzle is put into the pipe, and the pipe mouth is sealed with a wet towel. Turn on the pressure switch and hear the clear splash sound. The project is over.
  Hydraulic method
  Tool: plunger, also known as plunger
  Method of operation:
  After filling the sewer with water, pressurize it with a leather stopper, and then lift it forcefully, which will form a certain pressure and pumping force, and may clog up the debris.
  Simple method:
  1. Log mining method: First, the diameter of the log is close to the drainage outlet pipe, and a certain amount of water in the pond is logged up and down continuously and quickly. Under suction and pressure, the dirt of the pipe will be washed away.
  2. 用棉质毛巾做的简单活塞:先借锤子,再借毛巾。湿毛巾,把它包在锤柄上,做成一个简单的活塞。然后从管口向堵塞的管道中注入约10cm的水,用锤头作为手柄,用活塞将其疏通。虽然效果比高压气枪慢,但一般家庭可能都有这些工具,暂时解决是可以的。
  2. Simple piston made of cotton towel: borrow hammer first, then towel. Wet towel, wrap it on the hammer handle, make a simple piston. Then 10 cm of water is injected into the blocked pipe from the nozzle, and the hammer head is used as the handle and the piston is used to dredge it. Although the effect is slower than high-pressure air gun, but the general family may have these tools, temporary solution is possible.
  Fourthly, the main reason for the oil plug in the dissolution method is that the accumulated oil adheres to the inner wall of the pipeline, and the pipeline becomes narrower and narrower. Finally, it is easy for the fine food scraps to be a hindrance. This is very similar to the process of thinning blood vessels in a patient with hypertrophic blood to embolize a stroke. Most of these blockages can be treated by dissolving fat.
  Tool: Special street cleaner
  Simple method:
  1. 疏通开水的方法:开水可以溶解附着在管壁上的油脂。
  1. Method of dredging boiling water: boiling water can dissolve the grease attached to the pipe wall.
  2, soda and vinegar dredging method: first half cup of boiled soda powder into the sewer, then pour half a cup of vinegar, quickly cover the mouth, soda and acetic acid to produce a large number of bubbles, carbon dioxide dissolve fat, but also produce a certain pressure, can effectively remove the sticky pipeline. Vinegar and soda is a DIY, non-toxic, harmless general cleaning agent, which can help you clean kitchen utensils.
  3. Hot water and laundry powder dredging method: Hot water and laundry powder in the barrel can be washed down the pipeline for dredging.
  3. How to prevent the clogging of kitchen drains首先,在洗碗前,首先去除盘子里的油脂,用温水洗。
  First, before washing dishes, first remove the grease from the dishes and wash them with warm water.
  Secondly, a filter should be installed at the outlet of the vegetable washbasin. Clean up regularly.
  Thirdly, when the kitchen uses water to fill the water in the bucket, it is necessary to wash the dishes with a large amount of water. It should be noted that after washing the kitchen things, we want to dispose of the dirty water in the bucket. This kind of meeting forms some power to wash the dirty commodities in the sewer, and garbage on the pipe wall is not easy to form.
  Fourth, when the weather is very cold, every three or five days with boiling water pipe, (you are not sure that your home pipe is a good quality, do not use too high temperature water iron, in order to avoid pipe thermal deformation), so as to effectively prevent pipe blockage, or even avoid pipe blockage.
  Nylon rope
  Toilet jam is a common problem in family life. It not only directly affects the normal life, but also puts us in an awkward position. What if the toilet is blocked at home? In fact, we can solve this problem. As long as we are skilled in using tools to dredge the toilet, we can easily solve the dredging problem! Now, Jinan Pipeline dredging Xiaobian provides you with several quick methods of dredging the toilet, which can be used in emergencies.
  1. 硬的东西阻碍
  1. Hard stuff hinders
  If the toilet is blocked by falling plastic brushes, bottle caps and other hard objects, pull things out with long-handled pliers or use a simple dredger. If not, it means that the little thing is stuck in the noise of the toilet. First, we clean the toilet with water, then wipe the water stains with a towel, and then find a small mirror to make up.
  Under the implementation of a small mirror, adjusting the angle of the light source and the mirror can see the inner part of the pipeline. Usually the pipeline in the small card is the most refused. Looking for a longer line, dredging along the pipeline several times before and after, we need to master the power. Fortunately, in solving this problem.
  2. 易于分解对象和块
  2. Easy to decompose objects and blocks
  Carelessly roll the paper tube, soap fell into the sewer, you can first pour the water, soften the sewage pipe blocking objects, but not too urgent, want to soak for a period of time, wait for obstruction material soften foam spread, see the sewage slowly drain, and then use a big bucket of water to rush through.
  3. Hair blockage
  After a period of use, excessive hair in the sewer often causes blockage. What should I do? Don't panic, you can use wire hooks to stir the opening in the sewer, or spend a few dollars to buy a pipe dredging tool, let the hair wrap around the wire, and then slowly pull it out, dredge it several times. Hair in the bathroom can clog the floor drain, so we need to cover the floor drain and other protective facilities.
  Read this article, is it easy to solve the problem of dredging ah!




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